About the Series

How long are the sessions in each of the series?

We created the age-level  guides for 45-minute sessions and included additional material for midweek groups that meet for 60-90 minutes. You can tailor the content to fit your setting. The video sessions for this study are as follows:

  • Introduction: “Knowing the Great I Am” —10:07
  • Session 1:  “I Am the Bread of Life” — 8:45
  • Session 2:  “I Am the Light of the World” 6:35
  • Session 3:  “I Am the Good Shepherd” — 8:03
  • Session 4:  “I Am the True Vine” — 8:24
  • Session 5:  “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” — 8:56
  • Session 6:  “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” — 7:59

We’ve never offered small groups before. Is there more help online?

Everything you need is included in the Age-level group guides! For youth and adult leaders, we suggest you read the articles “Starting and Facilitating small groups.” If you’re still a little nervous, sign up for the online eCourse as a group through Upper Room eLearning. If you haven’t taken an eCourse we make it easy for you and your group to learn together!

What do you have for children?

You’ll notice on the CONTENT FOR LEADERS tab a drop-down for Age-level guides. On that page you’ll find the Children’s Group Guide, download the pdf for your children’s facilitators, it contains additional content for planning their sessions.

OK, so what about youth?

Glad you asked! The Youth Group Guide is also on the Age-level guides drop-down, along with the Adult Group Guide. You’ll also find two helpful articles on Starting and Facilitating small groups from our friends at devozine!

How do we prepare facilitators to lead this study?

Everything you need is included in the Age-level group guides posted under the CONTENT FOR LEADERS tab on this website. We suggest you spend some time going through the guide with your facilitators before your groups begin.

What if I Have More Questions?

Contact customer assistance 800.972.0433

“This is an outstanding resource for churches, small groups, and individual Christians to grow in their faith as Rob Fuquay explores the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus. Rob is an outstanding teacher and guide, and I look forward to studying this resource in my own small group!”

—Adam Hamilton, Pastor and author of The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

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“I have been a fan of Rob’s for some time. He leads from the deep places of the Spirit of God!”

—Mike Slaughter, Senior Pastor at Ginghamsburg Church

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This 7-week worship and study series will help us answer the most essential question in the Christian faith, “Who do you say I am?”

The “I Am” sayings of Jesus not only grab our imagination by revealing more about his purpose, they also shape our own Christian identity and connect us to the God of Moses, the Great I Am.

The DVD includes 7-sessions (8-10 minutes each), filmed in the Holy Land.

Significant—yet ordinary—images give us insightful ways to experience Jesus anew and to discover a God who is close and wants to be known through these weekly themes:

  • I Am the Bread of Life – Knowing God’s Satisfaction (John 6:27-59)
  • I Am the Light of the World – Knowing God’s Guidance (John 7:2, 14; 8:12)
  • I Am the Good Shepherd – Knowing God’s Care (John 10:1-10)
  • I Am the True Vine – Knowing God’s Power (John 15:1-8)
  • I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Knowing God’s Way (John 14:1-7)
  • I Am the Resurrection and the Life – Knowing God’s Possibilities (John 11:17-26)

Rob Fuquay

Rob Fuquay graduated from Candler School of Theology at Emory University with a master of divinity.

Rob is senior pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. He has served various congregations with his gifts of strong preaching, leadership development, and visioning. Rob and his wife, Susan, have three daughters.

He is a Duke basketball fan and a huge fan of the Cincinnati Reds! Follow Rob on Facebook and Twitter.